Change is scary, it really is. It’s not so much about changing your life, but the little things that keep us from growing – or in my case, healing. It’s about realizing that your mind is a liar sometimes. That some of the things we clung to our whole life are complete and utter bullshit. For me one of those things is the believe that something is fundamentally wrong with me. That, as a result from this wrongness I am destined to fail. What I didn’t realize is that I was the one setting myself up for failure before even trying. Weiterlesen


I’m gonna miss the stories I made up about you in my head. They were good and they were promising. It’s a pity they were just fiction after all. Maybe if I write them down from now on and create a story around it, they will not be lost after all.

Fiction after all is the safest place to be. No one can hurt me inside my head. No one can crush the happy endings with reality. I will always miss you. Some part of me – small as it may be – will always stay with you. But the rest from now on will be fiction.

There’s a reason why they call me lunatic after all.