concert, live, Metal, In Flames, SwedenThere is nothing lonelier than standing in the middle of a partying crowd and still being completely alone. I didn’t come here with anyone. I just came to listen to the music. To see one of my favorite bands, something I had wanted in forever. But it’s still just me. Alone in a faceless crowd of cheering people.

Getting rid of you

(c) D.ReichertI managed to do it. I moved the damn wardrobe, fixed the light, recreated the living room, cut my hair and had an amazing party. I even managed to get everyone to come and celebrate with me. For the first time in twelve years my best friends have all been reunited.

So I should be happy. I should be proud. But all I remember about that party is that you were the last person to let me down and didn’t even bother to come up with an excuse for it. Not that it really mattered that much. It was just the final straw before everything else fell apart. Weiterlesen