A whole new world

masks, realityDo you know who you really are? Are you truly yourself or are you hiding behind a mask? Masks are what we were taught to wear all our lives. When we were little they told us to behave, to adjust, to fall in line. So we learned to hide parts of our true self behind a mask – little parts at first, but more and more over the years. Until it became almost impossible to differ that mask from ourselves. Weiterlesen


Smile, laugh and keep on walking. Act normal and pretend to listen even to care. Copy their patterns repeat their lies.

„Of course we’re all friends here.“
“Of course I don’t mind.“

It’s so easy to fool those who do not care anyway. So easy to hide behind a mask and keep on smiling. They never notice.

I’m through explaining and through getting angry. It doesn’t matter to you anyway.

„We are your friends.“
“Tell us your problems.“

Oh yeah of course so you can go right ahead and stab me in the back again! Like you do every day. Again and all over again.

Hush now don’t worry. It doesn’t matter. Smile back and pretend.


I convinced myself that I was over this. Now look at me. Sitting in front of my computer, wearing headphones and pretending to listen to music. When in fact I’m waiting. Just waiting to hear your voice.
„Good morning.“
And there he is.
I sigh inwardly and then hit myself mentally.
I do NOT – I repeat NOT – care that he is back. I do NOT wish for him to come over like he did before. Weiterlesen