A hermits confession

loneliness, Henry ThoreauThe beauty of being alone is that there is never any doubt. It might get lonely, sometimes too lonely to bear – but loneliness is a comforting partner. It always holds your hand, always walks by your side and always welcomes you right back into its cold embrace. Loneliness can be a shadow looming over you but also the icy light keeping you awake and focused. Because if you are alone there is a comfort in having nothing left to lose except yourself. Weiterlesen

Don’t trust no love

Art, Crying, Drawing, Forever AloneDon’t ever fall in love. Love is pain and ultimately its bullshit. Don’t believe what they tell you – all those happy, crazy-about-each-other, oh-so-in-love couples. They lie. Love is not fun it’s scary as hell. It doesn’t improve your life but complicates it and it won’t make you stronger, but destroy you completely in the end. Love is bullshit and the only thing that’s worse than love is being in love. Weiterlesen