Don’t trust no love

Art, Crying, Drawing, Forever AloneDon’t ever fall in love. Love is pain and ultimately its bullshit. Don’t believe what they tell you – all those happy, crazy-about-each-other, oh-so-in-love couples. They lie. Love is not fun it’s scary as hell. It doesn’t improve your life but complicates it and it won’t make you stronger, but destroy you completely in the end. Love is bullshit and the only thing that’s worse than love is being in love. Weiterlesen

Fancy heartbreak?

What can you do if nothing changes? Nothing really helps. I am still so damn stuck on you. And I know it’s stupid and unhealthy. But my mind can’t convince my heart to just let go.

Everything could be so much easier if you weren’t so damn likeable. But you are – so fucking nice and sweet. And I like you. Even without all the attraction. So much I almost believe I could be your friend.

But friends do not fancy each other and I really, really do. It doesn’t matter that I know you don’t think of me that way. Because I do. Really, really do think about you that way. I think you are my punishment for being such a coward before. Weiterlesen

Prevented (I) – The aftermath

Some days you just can’t win. And he chose one of these particularly nasty days. In hindsight I shouldn’t have been that surprised.
The day started with waking up at 5 a.m. and no hope of getting back to sleep – after having trouble falling asleep before and so effectively only sleeping four hours total. Then the tyre of my bike went flat and I had to take the damn bus to work. Which meant: I was late.
You think that’s just really bad luck – wait, it got better! After finally arriving at work, about 30 minutes late, I realized that I had forgotten to take the milk with me. So there was no milk for my cereal and since there was no time to get to the supermarket I sat there starving until lunch. Which is probably why I picked a huge fight with my colleague Laura, because she did something wrong. As of today I’m not really sure what it was.
So just after lunch and finally having something in my stomach I was sitting in front of my computer, trying to think of something interesting and witty to write about a Zombie apocalypse. Yeah, you read correctly. My job consists of writing about Zombie apocalypses – or rather: Of writing something about the movie “World War Z”. But not the usual review-crap that everyone writes about. No, it has to be something different – something special, witty and interesting. So yeah, Zombie apocalypse – I was so thrilled. Not.
Actually the only fantasy creatures I am unable to make any use of are Zombies. Simply because I think they are gross. Even if there is a Zombie in love played by Nicholas Hoult – granted he was super cute when he became human again but before? Disgusting.
Zombies are disgusting – they smell rotten, the look rotten, they are just really, really…
My nice inner monologue about rotten Zombies was interrupted so suddenly, that I almost jumped out of my skin. The voice had come so unexpectedly from the left that it took me a moment to remember my name and where I was.
And then it sunk in – THAT voice. But no, it couldn’t be… Weiterlesen


I convinced myself that I was over this. Now look at me. Sitting in front of my computer, wearing headphones and pretending to listen to music. When in fact I’m waiting. Just waiting to hear your voice.
„Good morning.“
And there he is.
I sigh inwardly and then hit myself mentally.
I do NOT – I repeat NOT – care that he is back. I do NOT wish for him to come over like he did before. Weiterlesen