Keine Freunde mehr / Not friends anymore

Es gab mal eine Zeit in der ich mir wünschte, ich könnte diejenige sein die du willst. Die du brauchst. Aber je besser ich dich kennenlernte desto offensichtlicher wurde, dass ich beides niemals sein würde. Was ich damals nicht begriff: Du bist ebenfalls nicht der, den ich wollte oder brauchte – und du wirst es auch niemals sein. Du warst lediglich eine weitere Lektion die ich nicht lernen wollte.


It is true: No one can make the pain go away but you. No one can walk the road of life down for you. No one is going to save you if you aren’t willing to save yourself first.

All you can do is just keep on walking. Hoping that the pain will one day fade away and become a just a little scar, twitching once in a while.

But just because no one can feel or walk this life for you doesn’t mean that they can’t walk beside you.

True, no one can do anything for you. Only make sure that you do not have to decide alone.

See, despite the fact that they tell us differently every day: We are not made nor meant to be alone.

So do not choose to be something you were never meant to be just because some stupid society tells you to.


Stockholm (c) D. ReichertI do miss you. You have no idea how much.
So maybe I should just grab the damn phone and call you? But what if she answers? What if I fuck it up once again?

Too many “what ifs” – I know I should do something instead. It’s just that the longer I think about it, the more reasons for not doing anything pop into my head. I watched you go once and it broke everything inside me. There are still some broken fragments left inside of me and yeah I guess they will keep being that way.

You are not coming back. That you made very clear seven years ago. And this time you did stick to it – burned a bridges down right behind you. And me? I didn’t do anything. I just moved on and buried a huge dream along with it. Weiterlesen