Rocky Balboa, ZitateChange is scary, it really is. It’s not so much about changing your life, but the little things that keep us from growing – or in my case, healing. It’s about realizing that your mind is a liar sometimes. That some of the things we clung to our whole life are complete and utter bullshit. For me one of those things is the believe that something is fundamentally wrong with me. That, as a result from this wrongness I am destined to fail. What I didn’t realize is that I was the one setting myself up for failure before even trying. Weiterlesen

Das große Unbekannte / The great unknown

embrace the unknown, Esmeralda SantiagoKatharinas Tag könnte besser sein. Auf dem Weg zur Arbeit hat erst ihr Fahrrad einen Platten, weswegen sie nicht nur zu spät kam, sondern auch voll in eine Regenwolke marschierte, die sich kurz vor ihrem Ziel über sie ergoss. Dann ging die Kaffeemaschine kaputt bevor sie sich eine Tasse holen konnte und zu allem Überfluss hat ihr Chef richtig schlechte Laune, was er nun mit übermäßiger Kritik an ihren Layout-Entwürfen auslässt.

A hermits confession

loneliness, Henry ThoreauThe beauty of being alone is that there is never any doubt. It might get lonely, sometimes too lonely to bear – but loneliness is a comforting partner. It always holds your hand, always walks by your side and always welcomes you right back into its cold embrace. Loneliness can be a shadow looming over you but also the icy light keeping you awake and focused. Because if you are alone there is a comfort in having nothing left to lose except yourself. Weiterlesen