Sina Diaries 2: Trying to figure out disaster…

Lampion, Herz, Leuchten, schwarz, Wien
There is always another day. That’s what I used to believe once. I used to live accordingly. Believing there would always be another day to pursue your dreams. That I would always have time. And then, three years ago, this believe proofed to be the biggest lie of my existence.
Sometimes there isn’t another day. Sometimes you had no time to be brave later but live with your cowardice instead. And sometimes everything you didn’t say, hurt more than all the things you said. Weiterlesen

Fancy heartbreak?

What can you do if nothing changes? Nothing really helps. I am still so damn stuck on you. And I know it’s stupid and unhealthy. But my mind can’t convince my heart to just let go.

Everything could be so much easier if you weren’t so damn likeable. But you are – so fucking nice and sweet. And I like you. Even without all the attraction. So much I almost believe I could be your friend.

But friends do not fancy each other and I really, really do. It doesn’t matter that I know you don’t think of me that way. Because I do. Really, really do think about you that way. I think you are my punishment for being such a coward before. Weiterlesen