concert, live, Metal, In Flames, SwedenThere is nothing lonelier than standing in the middle of a partying crowd and still being completely alone. I didn’t come here with anyone. I just came to listen to the music. To see one of my favorite bands, something I had wanted in forever. But it’s still just me. Alone in a faceless crowd of cheering people.

About you

Crow, winter, dark, aloneI miss you.
Even when I don’t want to
Even when I pretend that I don’t care
Even though I know it would be easier
I always miss you.
I always care

Life is not what we thought it would be
It gets harder every day
And I still can’t forgive you
Even though I think you were right
And I miss you
I always miss you

People say that every wound heals
That every scar means you survived
But isn’t life supposed to be more than survival?
More than just breathing
When does it stop hurting?
When will I ever not be mad at you anymore?

I miss you
It’s every story I ever write
Every lie I tell, every smile I fake
I don’t remember a time when it didn’t hurt
To think about you
And I’m so mad at you for it
But still I miss you, always miss you