Questions stupid, questions

How are you? Well, there are so many ways to answer that. But none of them really matters. You don’t know me. You don’t know my story. So there is no point in dumbing fragments on you because you won’t be able to see the whole picture.

How am I?

Not there. As pathetic and fucked up that may sound it simply is that way. I am not there. Well, not much anyway. Most of the time I’m somewhere in my mind trying to think of a solution for the mess I got myself in. Only problem is I just end up with a new story every time and get a little lost in it.

So what was the question?

Oh yeah – how am I? I’m fine. Really I am okay. I can’t change any of the things that get thrown my way and I can’t make them care. Not by shouting at them and not by ignoring them. Not even by voicing the problem. So why do you ask again?

Are you lonely?
No. I am alone. You might not see it, but there is a huge difference.

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