You ask me if it’s about you and I answer: „No.“
I’m not angry at you. I’m just a little disappointed. But don’t worry I’ll get over it.

And then you want to know if it’s about somebody else and I say: „No.“
I’m not angry at anyone really, just done with this game.

So you stop asking. Because the truth is just like the rest of them you don’t really care. That’s probably why I act like I’m angry – I always care. Even after I realized that it had been in vain. And once I like someone I never stop caring.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t walk away. I’m always able to do that. The problem is I never truly forget. So please just stop pretending that I matter to you. Or that you really care about me. Because you don’t.

I’m not angry at you for being this way or doing what you do. I just can’t stand the pretending.

Maybe I’m a little too German for that after all.

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